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CDs: Creating Wealth Through Real Estate

Price: $99.00

Real Estate is the only REAL investment. The wealth of the United States flows to real estate. The value of residential housing in the United States far exceeds the value of the New York Stock Exchange or the national debt.


2 Audio CDs

Learn how to create your own financial independence by using the Four Returns on Real Estate, the Four Questions You Should Ask and discover how to own investment real estate in a tax-sheltered account (US Markets). This is a live presentation on 2 audio CD's.

Topics Covered: 

  • Three Types of People
  • Assets versus Liabilities
  • The Key to Creating Wealth
  • The Money Tree
  • 4 Returns on Real Estate
  • 15 Investment Goals
  • Four Questions You Should Ask
  • How to Buy Real Estate in a Profit Sharing Plan
  • Simple Investment Analysis