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RECHARGE! Wilmington, NC Sept. 5-6, 2017

RECHARGE! Wilmington, NC Sept. 5-6, 2017, 9am-4pm

Coldwell Banker Seacost Advantage

Holiday Inn Sunspree at Wrightsville Beach 

RECHARGE is an intensive two-day event designed by Zan Monroe to RECHARGE your business. RECHARGE will provide you with all the knowledge and systems you will need to grow your business.

RECHARGE provides proven business systems and work schedules for your daily business. If you follow the systems and schedules provided in the program your business will increase 50% in the next 6 months ….OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


Topics Covered:

  1. A Belief System of Success
  2. A Simple Written Business Plan
  3. Marketing to Generate a Continuous Flow of Business
  4. Sales Skills
  5. Buyer Systems
  6. Seller Systems
  7. Pricing and Positioning
  8. Wealth Creation

$300.00 Available